Ana Dubljević
When we speak about the problem of perspective as a problem of inhabiting semantically under-determined spaces of performance together, the perspective doesn’t only address set design and mise-en-scene (Bleeker 2008: 12-15). As Hubert Damisch defined it, perspective is conceptual as much as it is optic, and as such it is a paradigmatic symbolic form (Damisch 1995). Therefore, to fully comprehend it as a productive force of performance, optic terms are insufficient and I would share Bleeker’s standpoint that: “Perspective as invention of the Early Modern period […] is fundamental to the development of the modern scientific world view and the constitution of the modern scopic regime.” (Bleeker 2008: 12)Ana Vujanovic
“if we would ask about the very place you are sitting in and from which you are experiencing this performance now... how do you feel about it?you are plants in the temporary oasis. we offered the well and the fertile ground around it. you found a place that hopefully feels right to you and settled in. the well exists because it does. because the running underground water found a crack in the ground to come up to the surface. because all the rains in the world are feeding it. because you, with a help of the sun, release the oxygen in which that rain can form a cloud to fall from. the well exists to make the fertile ground for you to come. your seed was carried by the winds, traveled in the warm fur of an animal, wiped by the powerful waves of the water, flew distances in the beak of birds, to come here. maybe even a slight touch of a free will brought your seed to this ground with the wish to be here now, be with others. across from you is a bunch of strong pine trees. you feel the softness of the moss next to you. your curiosity is triggered by that lavish flower in the corner. how different do all of them experience this? would you change places with them? what does it mean that each of you have your own place? what does it mean that you all have a different perspective? What does it mean that you are all still next to each other? How is your seed growing? Do you stand up tall and firm? Do you lean your heavy trunk on the closest neighbor's support? Do you prefer to get low touching the soil, making a firm invisible web with those around you?

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