Crystall Ball

With and by: Igor Koruga & Paolo De Venecia Gile​
Your body is a host.Another access point.A jar full of cookies.A sustained symphony of lives.A conference of dance battles, flashbacks, fast forwards.A talk show.Your body may be acrystalball.How are you, you ask.Your face says something else - an intruder in disguise.Would you like a cookie?You cannot pass.Dodging questions, TikToking around a wanted kind of care.The sum of the whole – is so small:I'm less than the sum of my parts.So take a look at thiscrystalball.A really realistic draft.A ceremony -taken out of your favorite talk show, and made between Belgrade-Copenhagengemeinschaft;Zooming across islands of precarity, immunity, depression, and careCome and spill some tea, honey, along the way.Crystal Ball is a transnational performance in real-time taking place between Belgrade and Tarnby/Copenhagen in both online and physical spaces. It is a communication of art practices between a Sagittarian and an Aquarian.Creation and performance:Igor Koruga & Paolo De Venecia GileProduction: Tarnby Park Performance Festival, Copenhagen 2021Artistic directors of the festival: Andreas Liebmann & Sophie GordinCostume design: Thjerza BalajVideo footage: Max Morris-DohertyMusic: Marc Rebillet, El Professor & DJ Solomun

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