by Igor Koruga & Edith Lázár


This podcast was designed for the Schloss Post digital platform as part of the Akademie Schloss Solitude program, in collaboration with choreographer Igor Koruga and art theorist Edith Lázár.

In a common interpretation of the growing presence of "negative feelings" (depression, anxiety, loneliness, melancholy…) in today's basic living and working conditions in all cultural and artistic production, the authors approached the form of a podcast as a choreographic proposal. They created a series of digital audio files that, all together and each separately, contain a choreographic structure and dramaturgy - they consist of landscapes of different layers of sound, voice, articulation, and affect. This podcast, as an extended choreographic practice in a digitized medium, purposefully deviates from creativity subordinated only to the expression of the inner emotional depths of its protagonists (artists) and affects the value, ideological and other dominant systems recognized in the social, political, and cultural context in which it was created. , and in the contexts in which it is played/listened to.

By creating podcasts, the authors' desire was to contribute to the public recognition of negative feelings as collective social conditions/problems and to share their thoughts on how to work with or against such feelings, rather than denying them. What would be that necessary, subtle, emotional entity in human communication and relationships in order to e.g. depression reveal new sociability and spaces of sensitivity, solidarity, empathy? Is it possible to affirmatively accept the state of hopelessness in which all chances for emancipation are completely abolished? Is there a third way to deal with this, between extreme despair and complete surrender? And what if we finally run out of hopelessness? What radically new approaches to caring for each other do we need today?

The thematic part of this paper is partly based on the artistic research of the discourse of depression conducted by choreographers Ana Dubljević and Igor Koruga in the period 2015-2016. years.

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